I have had a passion for animals all my life and have been active in caring for them since I was a child.  Upon joining an all-breed club, I learned a great deal about training from other members and from showing my own dog in conformation and obedience. 

I got my most effective animal handling experience from helping racing sled dog teams with their dogs. This exposure was invaluable as it demonstrated how commitment to understanding and communicating with the dogs contributed to safety and working together as a team.

At another time, I was also involved in showing a horse that I owned in halter and performance classes. After working in several professions, I was eventually led to my true calling by being employed in veterinary hospitals and working my way up from receptionist to veterinary technician.  Being able to see on a daily basis the deep bond that forms between people and their pets provided the understanding of how important it is to me to be able to make that relationship a better one.

The veterinary experience actually opened up pet sitting as a career for me. Now I am in the ideal position of being self-employed, providing pet luv’n to your animals and I am luv’n every minute of it.  One of the best ways I can describe what this does for me is that the animals make me laugh every day!
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