After communicating by phone or e-mail, I will come to your home to meet your pet(s), discuss any special requirements, complete the paperwork necessary to care for them, and obtain a key or information for access to your house. Key pick up or delivery is an additional $10 charge if the keys are not obtained at time of initial visit. Rate: FREE (Yes, some things in life are still FREE!)
This is an on-leash neighborhood walk (Monday through Friday) with a total visit time of at least 30 minutes. Rate: $17 for up to two pets, each additional animal is $3.00 more.
This group outing is an excellent opportunity for your dog(s) to romp with other playmates while gaining socialization and obedience skills. I will come to your house and pick up your dog(s) to go to a local park for an off-leash hike through the woods. Groups consist of 3 to 6 dogs and we spend approximately an hour on the trail. Your dog should be well socialized and obedient to coming when called. These are skills that we work on regularly and find it helps you have a happier pet. Rates: $29 per dog; add $17 for 2nd dog from same household. Additional $5 for weekends.
I will come to your home and do the tasks needed to care for your pet.

Cats - A typical visit is 30 minutes and includes feeding, freshening water bowls or fountains, litter box maintenance, play time, a little grooming if your cat enjoys it, and special luv'n. Medications can be administered as required.

Dogs - A typical visit is 30 minutes and includes an on-leash neighborhood walk or play time in your enclosed yard, feeding, freshening water bowls or fountains, a little grooming if your dog enjoys it, and special luv'n. Medications can be administered as needed.

Other Pets - I can also care for your fish, birds, pocket pets (gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, pet mice & rats, etc.), rabbits - even livestock, and will consider others upon request.

Included Services - I will also do other household tasks as requested such as watering plants (no guarantees as my specialty is "pet luv'n"), bring in mail and newspapers, alternate lights left on, etc.
Rates: $17 per half hour or $29 per hour - plus $3.00 per visit for medications. Additional $5 between 7PM and 8AM and for weekends. There will be a $10 fee for visit requests with less than 6 hours notice added on to the visit fee. No charge for each additional pet unless extenuating circumstances exist which should be established during the initial consultation.
Your pet will be able to stay in the comfort of its own home and not be left alone for extended periods of time. This is especially ideal for young, old, and special needs animals. Nearly all pets are more comfortable at home. Rates: $70 per overnight stay 7PM to 8AM. Additional visits 8AM to 7PM at the regular pet sitting rate of $17. Outings can be done at a reduced rate of $22 for the first dog; $11 each additional dog.
Pet Taxi, Veterinary Appointments, Drop-Off and Pick-Up for Grooming Appointments, Supplies Pick-Up and Delivery, etc. will be considered and priced according to time and mileage. Rates: Please call for a quote.
All services are charged at 1.5 times the Regular Rate for the following Statutory Holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Patriots Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Columbus Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.
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